History of our Chapter

​​Charlotte - Blue Ridge Chapter

To enhance the practice of professional hospitality accounting and financial management, technology management, and hospitality information processing through professional development of our members and by the interchange of information and ideas between members and other related professional and trade associations.

Mission Statement of our chapter

It was in the spirit of the goals of HFTP that the Greater Charlotte Chapter of HFTP was formed in the mid-1990's by a small group of committed hospitality professionals. The early years were a struggle for the new chapter. In the late 90's and early 2000 the chapter was declared dormant by HFTP and was on the verge of disappearing when an even smaller group of local chapter leaders revived the chapter and led it to become a fully funded chapter in 2004. 

The chapter had grown from about 15 members in 2001 to over 45 members in 2007. In 2005 the chapter Board of Directors realized that almost half of their members were in the western part of North Carolina, and had never attended an HFTP meeting. In 2006 the first Blue Ridge meeting of HFTP was held in Asheville, and since that time the chapter has held bi-monthly chapter meetings in the Blue Ridge, in addition to bi-monthly meetings in Charlotte. The Chapter's Board of Directors was re-organized and expanded to include one-half on its members from Charlotte and one-half of its members from the Blue Ridge. 

In February 2007 the chapter, along with the Central Carolina HFTP chapter, sponsored its first Regional Conference in Asheville at the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa, and called it The Blue Ridge Conference. There were over 65 attendees and guests at that inaugural conference. 

Later in 2007, realizing that the name of the chapter did not accurately reflect the geographic diversity of its membership, the chapter decided to formally change its name to the Charlotte-Blue Ridge Chapter of HFTP, and held the second annual Blue Ridge Conference at the Grove Park with over 80 attendees and guests. In 2008 it was decided to begin a rotation of the Regional Conference among Asheville, Charleston, and Pinehurst. The conference was renamed "Carolinas Conference" and was held at the Marriott Charleston in February 2009 with over 70 attendees. At that conference it was decided to expand the conference to include Virginia and the Central Virginia Chapter. A survey was distributed to attendees later and the conference will now be called The HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference. 

The Charlotte-Blue Ridge Chapter of HFTP is now an enthusiastic and thriving chapter that has grown due to the dedication and hard work of its Board of Directors and members.